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Brand Audit Basics

A brand audit can give a company a clear understanding of what their customers see when they enter a store, visit a website, or interact with a company’s employees. But this is different from a mystery shop, because for one thing, the shopper isn’t secret. They can be out in the open, checking items off on their clipboard or mobile phone, and looking for a company’s strengths and weaknesses in its brand messaging. Here are a few brand audit basics we always look for.

Measure CP’s audit services give clear insight into how a brand displays to customers by the company’s employees, resellers and franchisees. A brand audit through Measure CP’s program reveals whether a company’s money spent on advertising, marketing and operations is working correctly, out on the streets, to convey the company’s brand in the way it wants to be seen.

Understand these brand audit basics Instead of taking the time and money to send one of your own employees, why not hire a brand auditor to send into your facilities? Whether your company is in the health and fitness, hospitality and food industry, the hair care, salon and spa category, or the retail and shopping business, you will want to know if your company’s brand is perceived, or not, the way you have planned. A brand audit will give you that capability.

A trained brand auditor will be sent to your facilities with a checklist for both the front of the house and behind the scenes. The checklists impart an analysis of your business’ marketing and advertising, as well as the operations behind the front desk. Our brand audit services also include compliance audits for regulated businesses, including age compliance related to alcohol and tobacco sales, marketing message compliance and fair housing compliance issues. And our brand package can also include other in-town and online properties in the area.

Knowing if your store, hotel, salon, gym, or restaurant is branded correctly is critical, but so is knowing if your brand is permeating the world beyond your storefront through proper advertising and marketing. It’s important that your logo and company name are being used correctly inside and outside the house in order to portray your image in the best possible light. Covering these brand audit basics will ensure that everything is running according to the company’s marketing plan.

You can learn more about our brand auditing services on our website, or you can contact us for more information.