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With Customer Perspective, Perception is Reality

Filed under: Customer Service, Measure CP by Kimberly Nasief

How much do you know about the customer perspective of your business? If you spend time reading online reviews of your company on Google, Yelp or other websites, you may find some helpful information about what your business does well and what your business does better. But it takes a lot of work to find truly valuable information this way, since the majority of customers do not spend time writing online reviews. And although not […]

Measure CP Helps Mystery Shoppers Earn Extra Money for the Holidays

Filed under: Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

Mystery shoppers are secret shopping customers who follow guidelines to analyze a business, providing valuable insights that can help improve the company’s customer service and customer experience policies. If you’ve been meaning to look into mystery shopping but have been putting it off, or if you haven’t considered it until now, your timing is perfect. There’s never been a bigger need for mystery shoppers than right now. Mystery shoppers are crucial to helping businesses better […]

Mystery Shopping For Franchise Businesses

Filed under: Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

There is a misconception among many business owners that mystery shopping is simply when a secret shopper comes into your location and grades the performance of your place of business. But, mystery shopping is so much more than that. Today, the iterations of mystery shopping are as diverse as the needs of your business. Mystery shopping can certainly tell you about employee performance and the usability of your location’s layout, product displays, and more. Mystery […]

Video Mystery Shopping: Get The True Feel of Operations with Measure CP

Filed under: Mystery Shopping Programs by Kimberly Nasief

Video mystery shopping is an invaluable training tool for your business. Are your employees acting as ambassadors of your brand? It’s one thing for an employee to give great service when they know management is watching, but what about when management isn’t there? Whether or not it’s a conscious decision, many employees simply act differently when they know they’re being critiqued. Video mystery shopping takes the concept of mystery shopping to the next level, and […]

Measure CP receives 2013 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics from BBB

Filed under: Measure CP, News by Dustin Thompson

LOUISVILLE, KY (Nov. 5, 2013)— Measure CP, a Louisville-based brand auditing firm, has been awarded the Better Business Bureau of Louisville’s prestigious 2013 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in the small business category. “This is a great honor for us,” said Kimberly Nasief, founder and president of Measure CP. “I started this organization to help other companies pay more attention to how they were treating their customers. It feels good to know that we are seen […]

A Mystery Shopping Firm Can Help B2C Companies Improve the Customer Experience

Filed under: Measure CP, Mystery Shopping, Mystery Shopping Programs by Kimberly Nasief

In today’s business climate, mystery shopping firms protect a company’s most important asset – the customer experience. For B2C companies, there is nothing more critical to success than fulfilling the brand promise. Sadly, most companies invest more money and effort in their marketing plans and store fixtures than they do in the front-line staff who do more to fulfill that brand promise than anyone else in the organization. Real-Life Training Whether it is the food […]

Louisville’s 50 fastest-growing businesses unveiled

Filed under: Measure CP, News by Dustin Thompson

The Louisville Business Journal named its 50 fastest growing businesses for 2013, and Measure CP was fortunate to be named one of the top 50! We are very pleased to be recognized by the city and its business leaders for our work in helping companies reach their customers, protect their brand, and improve customer service. We have spent the last several years trying to serve our clients around the country, and our company has grown […]

Market Research via Mystery Shopping: Three Opportunities for Success

Filed under: Mystery Shopping Programs by Kimberly Nasief

Market research comes in many shapes and sizes. For example, imagine a scenario where you are the number nine player in your vertical, and you have just been charged with getting your B2C company into the top three. Where would you begin? For many, this process would begin with a call to Measure CP, where the top eight companies would be identified, a shopping program would be implemented, and data would be collected that would […]

Mystery Shopping for Automotive After Sales: Choosing the Right Provider

Filed under: Mystery Shopping, Mystery Shopping Programs, Retail Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

Mystery shopping has a variety of purposes outside of traditional retail shops.  Automotive after sales mystery shops offer a valuable look “under the hood” of a company’s service operation…but only if the right partner is providing the mystery shopping service.  Just as there are all kinds of car salesmen, there are many kinds of mystery shopping providers out there, making a variety of claims about how they can help you improve the customer experience. At […]

Mystery Shopping: How Training Companies Use Measure CP to Prove Results and Grow Revenue

Filed under: Measure CP, Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

Mystery shopping provides immediate and ongoing feedback that training companies can use to not only prove the effectiveness of their work, but also show where additional training may be needed. When your training company is hired to boost weak sales, how do you prove that your solution fixed the problem? Do you point to increased revenues? Performance reviews? Customer satisfaction scores? Those are all good metrics, but take time to collect and analyze. Measure CP’s […]

Social Media Feedback Shared Amongst B2B and B2C Industry Leaders at Consero’s Customer Experience Management Forum

Filed under: Customer Experience Management, Measure CP, News by Kimberly Nasief

(HOUSTON, TX) — September 10, 2013 — Proactive customer experience management is paramount in today’s competitive landscape. Both B2C and B2B companies have experienced the shift toward customer focused selling, and those driven to succeed are employing customer experience management strategies to both gain and retain business. Furthermore, the proliferation of social media has armed consumers with powerful tools for sharing their experiences – good and bad – with a worldwide audience within moments of […]

What Does Mystery Shopping with Measure CP Look Like?

Filed under: Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

Mystery shopping may sound simple on the surface – send a secret shopper to your store and have them report what happened. Easy, right? But, as you may have guessed, there is a lot more to mystery shopping than meets the eye. Measure CP has developed a highly advanced secret shopping program that approaches the customer experience systematically. Our modern, detailed mystery shopping programs include traditional in-person mystery shops, mystery shops via phone, and even […]

App Surveys Help Your Business Avoid Bad Online Reviews

Filed under: Mobile Feedback by Kimberly Nasief

App surveys are changing the way that companies gather data, making it easier than ever to get feedback from customers and measure consumer perspectives. In the past, no matter how hard a business may have tried to get feedback from customers, the success rate was low. Customers are in a hurry, so filling out a comment card by hand or taking the time to make a phone call can seem like too much to ask […]

Mobile Surveys Bring Automatic Feedback to Help Your Business Grow

Filed under: Measure CP, Mobile Feedback by Kimberly Nasief

Mobile surveys, such as text surveys and QR codes, can help you see how your business measures up to the competition. As anyone in business knows, it is easier to keep your current customers than to find and retain new customers. Results from MeasureCP’s mobile surveys give you immediate insight into your customers, allowing you to determine if they’re satisfied with your offerings and if they plan to return to you in the future. This […]

Mystery Shopping to Build Brand Image for Your Company

Filed under: Brand Protection, Mystery Shopping, Mystery Shopping Programs by Kimberly Nasief

Mystery shopping is essentially a mirror which reflects the reality of front-line customer interaction and how the company brand is interpreted by the customer. For small to medium-sized businesses especially, building a brand can be difficult and takes a lot of time. There are many things that play into building a brand – everything from your logo to your signage to your employees’ uniforms. There’s even more to consider when you think about how your brand […]

How A Mystery Shopper Can Improve Employee Performance

Filed under: Brand Protection, Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

Has your business ever used a mystery shopper? If not, now may be the time to see what a mystery shopper can do for your business. A well-trained mystery shopper provides insights into how customers see and interact with your business. Measure CP was founded as a mystery shopping company. While our services have expanded beyond mystery shopping alone, providing businesses with mystery shopper services is something that will always be a part of our […]

Performing a Brand Audit: It’s Not Just For Big Companies

Filed under: Brand Protection, Mystery Shopping Programs by Kimberly Nasief

A brand audit can help companies of all types and sizes better communicate with their customers. Especially when a company experiences rapid growth, “good enough” takes the place of “perfect” in terms of getting something out the door. If this is the case for your company, perhaps it is time for a brand audit. A brand audit looks at your company’s outgoing communications, with a critical eye to detail. Whether you realize it or not, […]

Mystery Shops Can Keep Your Brand Consistent Through All Your Stores

Filed under: Measure CP, Mystery Shopping, Mystery Shopping Programs by Kimberly Nasief

Mystery shops can help a business better understand and develop their brand image consistency, customer perspective, employee effectiveness, and so much more. Does your business have multiple locations, or franchises? One challenge that multiple-location businesses have is maintaining quality and brand standards at a precise level. Employing a mystery shopping program gives business owners and operators an unbiased perspective on their business regarding brand consistency, quality control and the level of workplace professionalism. Mystery shops […]

Gaining Customer Perspective: Use Mystery Shoppers to Know Where Changes Can Help Boost Business

Filed under: Brand Protection, Measure CP by Kimberly Nasief

Understanding the customer perspective is crucial to a business’ success. A business owner may train staff to offer the best possible customer experience, and the store may be in excellent physical condition. However, it can be very difficult to know your customers are taking note of your knowledgeable staff and impeccable store, and if those factors are positively impacting the customer perspective. This is where mystery shoppers come in. Using mystery shoppers can help you […]

Hire a Mystery Shopper to Know What Your Customers Think

Filed under: Customer Experience Management, Mystery Shopping, Mystery Shopping Programs by Kimberly Nasief

A mystery shopper can provide crucial pieces of information and insight that you may not be able to obtain any other way, especially in the retail or service industry. If you are not familiar with mystery shopping, the basic premise is that a mystery shopper would use your company’s services just like any other customer – that goes for in-store shopping, website browsing, or even shopping over the phone – and the mystery shopper would […]

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