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Top Mystery Shopping Tips from the Pros

Filed under: Mystery Shopping, Tips for Mystery Shoppers by Kimberly Nasief

If you’re interested in mystery shopping, or have just started, you’ll start figuring out a few ways to maximize your time and make more money by taking the right kinds of shops and using a little bit of planning. Here are a few mystery shopping tips we’ve learned over the years that we’ve been doing […]

Marketer’s Choice: Customer Satisfaction Surveys vs Mobile Feedback

Filed under: Customer Experience Management, Customer Service, Mobile Feedback by Kimberly Nasief

Thirty years ago, marketers only had two choices when they wanted to understand what their customers liked: complaint cards and mystery shopping. And even then, those selections were so limited and the information gathering techniques were so basic, you couldn’t be sure whether you were getting the most accurate information. Let’s start with the complaint […]

LinkedIn Secret Shopper Scam Making the Rounds

Filed under: Uncategorized by Kimberly Nasief

Watch out LinkedIn users, there’s a secret shopper scam making the rounds over there. We spotted a story on — ‘Secret shopper’ fake job scam hits LinkedIn — that reported a mystery shopper scam based on LinkedIn. It started when Ken Caputo received an email from a relative telling him about an “opportunity” to […]

Understanding and Measuring a Modern Retail Customer Experience

Filed under: Customer Experience Management, Mobile Feedback, Mystery Shopping, Retail Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

Technology has certainly sped up the way we do things: the retail supply chain has changed as Amazon has worked to perfect fast fulfillment and two-day shipping. It has changed the way retailers and suppliers exchange information and sell products online. And it has even changed the way products are promoted and shared between shoppers. […]

Australia’s ASIC Launches Mystery Shopping Program for Mortgage Brokers

Filed under: Compliance Checks, Mystery Shopping, News by Kimberly Nasief

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has started a mystery shopping program — they call it “shadow shopping” down under — as part of its review of the mortgage broker industry. According to, ASIC is “delving into the suitability of brokers’ advice.” ASIC said this is part of its effort to better understand […]

UK Mystery Shopper Competition Promises £100 to spend in Aldi; Aldi Says They’re NOT Involved

Filed under: Mystery Shopping, Mystery Shopping Scams by Kimberly Nasief

We’ve talked in the past about mystery shopper scams and the way unsuspecting mystery shoppers can be tricked into different ways of parting with their money. We recently heard a story that has us scratching our heads a bit and wondering if this is a scam or not. A mystery shopper competition in the United […]

What Are Retail Compliance Checks?

Filed under: Compliance Checks, Measure CP, Mystery Shopping, Retail Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief
Rum display in a liquor store. Minors are often sent in to buy alcohol during compliance checks.

Compliance checks are essentially surprise inspections that federal government agencies and local law enforcement will carry out to ensure that a retail establishment is following the rules and laws created by the government concerning the products being sold. In other words, they check up on stores to make sure they’re not doing anything illegal. One […]

Mystery Shopper Code Costs Air Canada Thousands

Filed under: Brand Protection, Mystery Shopping Scams by Erik Deckers

A Canadian pilot for Cathay Dragon, a Hong Kong-based airline, has been ordered to repay Air Canada more than $36,000 CDN ($29,181 USD) after leaking a “mystery shopper promo code” to friends and family members. According to a recent CBC story, Marc Anthony Tacchi pleaded guilty to “fraudulently obtaining transportation” and was ordered to repay […]

Can Mystery Shopping Save Casual and Fast Casual Dining

Filed under: Brand Protection, Customer Experience Management, Mystery Shopping, Restaurant Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

There are plenty of reasons why we’re seeing casual and fast casual chain restaurants go out of business: Millennials are killing them by not eating there. There are too many restaurants and not enough people are supporting them. People are more interested in farm-to-table not boil-in-a-bag. And some restaurants, like Chipotle, are working hard to […]

Beware, the Mystery Shopper Scam is still Going Strong

Filed under: Mystery Shopping, News, Tips for Mystery Shoppers by Kimberly Nasief

It’s hard to believe, but the age-old mystery shopper scam is still around and catching unsuspecting people who just want to earn some extra money. But we’re still seeing articles that show people are falling for the scam and getting caught by unscrupulous dirtbags who think nothing of preying on people. Since we recruit mystery […]

Alcohol Age Compliance Checks Decrease Underage Sales at Other Establishments

Filed under: Brand Protection, Mystery Shopping, Restaurant Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief
The bar from Cheers. Never saw any alcohol compliance checks here!

Last week, we examined a study that looked at how different states and municipalities manage their alcohol age compliance checks. And it has already been established by several other studies that age compliance checks already decreases sales at establishments that get checked. But what kind of effect do those alcohol age compliance checks have on […]

Can Underage Alcohol Compliance Checks Reduce Illegal Alcohol Sales?

Filed under: Brand Protection, Mystery Shopping by Erik Deckers

Underage alcohol consumption has become such a problem in the last couple decades that it is now a public health issue, and one that Measure CP can help local law enforcement agencies monitor. A 2014 study, “Current Use of Underage Alcohol Compliance Checks by Enforcement Agencies in the U.S.” found that age compliance checks at […]

Download Our Mobile Surveys and Mobile Feedback Whitepaper

Filed under: Customer Experience Management, Mobile Feedback by Kimberly Nasief

We recently published a whitepaper on mobile surveys and mobile feedback, a service we offer here at Measure CP. You can download this free 9-page whitepaper and learn more about the technology that lets you reach your customers and get them to respond to you quickly and more easily than dealing with survey cards and […]

Check Out Our Videos about Mobile Feedback

Filed under: Customer Experience Management, Customer Service, Mobile Feedback, News by Erik Deckers

We published a couple of videos on mobile feedback for mystery shopping and brand audits a few years ago. While the technology may have changed — mobile phones have better cameras, you can slip them in your pockets, and we’ve even got some video spyglasses we use on some of our shops — the principles […]

Measure CP Launches Data Visualization Platform Envision (PRESS RELEASE)

Filed under: Measure CP, News by Dustin Thompson

(LOUISVILLE, Ky.)—Measure Consumer Perspectives (Measure CP), a leading market research firm and mystery shopping company, announced the release of Envision, powered by Dapresy. This new solution gives businesses an all-in-one visualization platform that transforms any data point — including survey data, marketing, sales, social media, and advertising — into actionable business intelligence. Envision leverages the […]

Alcohol Compliance and Identification Checks

Filed under: Brand Protection, Customer Service, Measure CP, Restaurant Mystery Shopping, Retail Mystery Shopping by Dustin Thompson
Alcohol Compliance - Restaurant pic

Protecting investments comes in many forms. For hospitality and dining, ensuring identification and compliance checks are constantly safeguarding liquor licenses provides continuity in catering to patrons’ needs and hitting sales targets. All too often, establishments serving alcohol fail to recognize that training bartenders and servers with real world scenarios helps prep them for stings and […]

Customer Experience – Our 2017 Outlook

Filed under: Customer Experience Management, Measure CP by Dustin Thompson
Customer Experience

It’s finally here—2017! We’re excited about the New Year and our clients are optimistic, too. With consumer confidence rising and businesses expanding their toolkits to streamline processes and digitize, one thing remains critical across industries, customer experience. As hospitality reservations increase, so too does consumer goods spending and dining out, meaning more guest and customer […]

Customer Loyalty Gained through Mystery Shopping

Filed under: Brand Loyalty, Customer Experience Management, Measure CP, Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

Some business owners think customer loyalty is only earned through offering repeat business programs like loyalty cards, and offering regular specials and coupons. Customer loyalty can actually be earned through providing excellent customer service, and making sure customers are pleased with the service they are getting. That is why mystery shopping can play a much […]

The Quirky Consumer: Doughnut try this at home (a.k.a. Keep on truckin’)

Filed under: Measure CP by Kiki the Quirky Consumer
The Quirky Consumer and her donut adventures.

So, the first weekend of every month… …there is a Flea Off Market here in town. It is full of arts, crafts, vintage items, some amazing hipster watching, craft cocktails and best of all…FOOD TRUCKS! The Quirky Consumer has a tremendous weakness for BBQ, almost an addiction. There are so many cuisine choices, but I […]

Evaluating Contact Centers Over the Phone

Filed under: Mystery Shopping Programs by Kimberly Nasief
Contact Centers

Evaluating service is not always done in person. In some cases, such as contact centers, it can be done over the phone, without ever having to leave the house or office. A few years ago, the CEO of an Australian telecom company made news because he had been calling his own company’s contact centers to […]

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