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Can Underage Alcohol Compliance Checks Reduce Illegal Alcohol Sales?

Filed under: Brand Protection, Mystery Shopping by Erik Deckers

Underage alcohol consumption has become such a problem in the last couple decades that it is now a public health issue, and one that Measure CP can help local law enforcement agencies monitor. A 2014 study, “Current Use of Underage Alcohol Compliance Checks by Enforcement Agencies in the U.S.” found that age compliance checks at liquor stores and convenience stores actually did curb illegal alcohol sales. Dr. Daren Erickson and other researchers from the Division […]

Download Our Mobile Surveys and Mobile Feedback Whitepaper

Filed under: Customer Experience Management, Mobile Feedback by Kimberly Nasief

We recently published a whitepaper on mobile surveys and mobile feedback, a service we offer here at Measure CP. You can download this free 9-page whitepaper and learn more about the technology that lets you reach your customers and get them to respond to you quickly and more easily than dealing with survey cards and messages printed on receipts. In the meantime, here is a sample of our whitepaper: the first chapter. Enjoy! Chapter 1: […]

Check Out Our Videos about Mobile Feedback

Filed under: Customer Experience Management, Customer Service, Mobile Feedback, News by Erik Deckers

We published a couple of videos on mobile feedback for mystery shopping and brand audits a few years ago. While the technology may have changed, the principles are still the same: mobile feedback is a great way to get immediate, real-time feedback from your customers. You can send them a text survey as they pay their bill, and give them two or three very short questions, as well as a chance to leave comments. They […]

Measure CP Launches Data Visualization Platform Envision (PRESS RELEASE)

Filed under: Measure CP, News by Dustin Thompson

(LOUISVILLE, Ky.)—Measure Consumer Perspectives (Measure CP), a leading market research firm and mystery shopping company, announced the release of Envision, powered by Dapresy. This new solution gives businesses an all-in-one visualization platform that transforms any data point — including survey data, marketing, sales, social media, and advertising — into actionable business intelligence. Envision leverages the breadth of market research data generated by Measure CP’s data collection services, along with best-in-class business intelligence reporting, infographics and […]

Alcohol Compliance and Identification Checks

Filed under: Brand Protection, Customer Service, Measure CP, Restaurant Mystery Shopping, Retail Mystery Shopping by Dustin Thompson
Alcohol Compliance - Restaurant pic

Protecting investments comes in many forms. For hospitality and dining, ensuring identification and compliance checks are constantly safeguarding liquor licenses provides continuity in catering to patrons’ needs and hitting sales targets. All too often, establishments serving alcohol fail to recognize that training bartenders and servers with real world scenarios helps prep them for stings and audits, preventing unnecessary fines. While training programs define company cultures and expectations, those can be difficult for management to observe and […]

Customer Experience – Our 2017 Outlook

Filed under: Customer Experience Management, Measure CP by Dustin Thompson
Customer Experience

It’s finally here—2017! We’re excited about the New Year and our clients are optimistic, too. With consumer confidence rising and businesses expanding their toolkits to streamline processes and digitize, one thing remains critical across industries, customer experience. As hospitality reservations increase, so too does consumer goods spending and dining out, meaning more guest and customer touch points requiring observation, evaluation and optimization. Survey verbatim across multiple verticals says one thing, how a guest feels is […]

Customer Loyalty Gained through Mystery Shopping

Filed under: Brand Loyalty, Customer Experience Management, Measure CP, Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

Some business owners think customer loyalty is only earned through offering repeat business programs like loyalty cards, and offering regular specials and coupons. Customer loyalty can actually be earned through providing excellent customer service, and making sure customers are pleased with the service they are getting. That is why mystery shopping can play a much bigger role in establishing customer loyalty for restaurants and stores: because mystery shopping can help management learn where they have […]

The Quirky Consumer: Doughnut try this at home (a.k.a. Keep on truckin’)

Filed under: Measure CP by Kiki the Quirky Consumer
The Quirky Consumer and her donut adventures.

So, the first weekend of every month… …there is a Flea Off Market here in town. It is full of arts, crafts, vintage items, some amazing hipster watching, craft cocktails and best of all…FOOD TRUCKS! The Quirky Consumer has a tremendous weakness for BBQ, almost an addiction. There are so many cuisine choices, but I almost always veer towards a vendor with smoked pork. Few things make me happier than Carolina style pulled pork with […]

Evaluating Contact Centers Over the Phone

Filed under: Mystery Shopping Programs by Kimberly Nasief
Contact Centers

Evaluating service is not always done in person. In some cases, such as contact centers, it can be done over the phone, without ever having to leave the house or office. A few years ago, the CEO of an Australian telecom company made news because he had been calling his own company’s contact centers to find out whether they were providing the kind of customer service he expected — and had established policies to ensure. […]

Surveying Assisted Living Centers Via Phone

Filed under: Measure CP, Mystery Shopping Programs by Kimberly Nasief
Assisted living

Evaluating an assisted living center can be a long, drawn-out experience, and can be fairly involved. Still, it’s vitally important, since it’s already a legal requirement that all assisted living centers measure the satisfaction of their residents. A mystery campaign can help administrators identify problem areas before they ever become so big, they affect the residents’ satisfaction, resulting in lower performance on the state’s satisfaction surveys. But not all shopping campaigns have to involve site […]

Practicing Customer Experience Management Leads to Positive Customer Satisfaction

Filed under: Customer Experience Management, Customer Service, Measure CP, Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

Customer Experience Management is crucial in order to turn first-time customers into repeat customers, and even loyal fans. When a customer’s experience is poor or marked with mistakes and poor quality, he or she is less likely to recommend the business to his or her friends – and every good marketing student knows that word-of-mouth advertising is some of the most effective advertising a business can get. Destroy that and it will destroy a business’ […]

The Quirky Consumer: If you got the wine, I got the time…

Filed under: Measure CP by Kiki the Quirky Consumer
My favorite restaurant makes me a happy customer because they have happy employees

So, this weekend I went to one of my favorite local Louisville restaurants and wine bar, Louvino. Again.  Not just because I love that place wholeheartedly, but because for whatever reason, I have had at least five of my dates choose it as our date destination. I could tell from the way the one bartender WHO HAS BEEN WORKING EVERY SINGLE TIME I HAVE BEEN THERE ON A DATE was looking at me that he thinks […]

Improving Shop Quality & Maximizing Your Earnings

Filed under: Measure CP, Mystery Shopping, Mystery Shopping Programs, Tips for Mystery Shoppers by Dustin Thompson
Tips and Tricks

  Respondents often ask how they can better maximize their earnings. While it can take a variety of shops to reach your financial targets, it is important to know that Mystery Shopping Provider’s (MSP) entrust higher-value projects to those with a history of making accurate and high-quality submissions. Brands rely on very precise data to make business decisions, sometimes affecting multi-million dollar budgets, thus making it critical for assignments to be done correctly the first […]

NAWBO names EPIC Award recipients

Filed under: Measure CP, News by Dustin Thompson

(This article originally appeared in the Louisville Business First magazine. We have published it on the Measure CP website to share with our friends.) The National Association of Women Business Owners’ (NAWBO) Louisville chapter celebrated female business owners Tuesday evening at its 20th annual EPIC Awards event. NAWBO presented Woman Business Owner of the Year awards in large- and small-business categories during the event, which was held at the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center. Diane […]

Mystery Shopping Jobs: Companies Gain Better Insight With A Variety of Shoppers

Filed under: Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

Are you wondering what mystery shopping jobs can do for your business? Mystery shopping jobs provide a new type of research that is not widely available in the customer service marketplace today. If you partner with a mystery shopping company that employs a variety of shoppers across many demographics, you can take advantage of each shopper’s unique perspective to gain the clearest possible perspective of your company’s performance. Additionally, mystery shopping jobs can provide a […]

Brand Protection: Are You Protecting What’s Yours

Filed under: Brand Protection, Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

What is brand protection, and why is it important? First, let’s discuss what your brand is. A brand, according to the American Marketing Association, is a “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” By the definition alone, it is easy to see why a company’s brand is important. Your brand is what defines you, and what sets you apart from […]

Measure CP – A Great Fit for Our Clients and Our Shoppers

Filed under: Measure CP by Kimberly Nasief

If you want to improve your business, Measure CP can help. We are the next generation of consumer brand auditing, focusing on systematic ways to analyze and improve the customer experience of your business. We combine traditional mystery shopper services and brand auditing by using mobile and social media tools to provide a comprehensive view of your brand and the customer service experience that defines it. One of the ways we help companies improve the […]

With Customer Perspective, Perception is Reality

Filed under: Customer Service, Measure CP by Kimberly Nasief

How much do you know about the customer perspective of your business? If you spend time reading online reviews of your company on Google, Yelp or other websites, you may find some helpful information about what your business does well and what your business does better. But it takes a lot of work to find truly valuable information this way, since the majority of customers do not spend time writing online reviews. And although not […]

Measure CP Helps Mystery Shoppers Earn Extra Money for the Holidays

Filed under: Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

Mystery shoppers are secret shopping customers who follow guidelines to analyze a business, providing valuable insights that can help improve the company’s customer service and customer experience policies. If you’ve been meaning to look into mystery shopping but have been putting it off, or if you haven’t considered it until now, your timing is perfect. There’s never been a bigger need for mystery shoppers than right now. Mystery shoppers are crucial to helping businesses better […]

Mystery Shopping For Franchise Businesses

Filed under: Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

There is a misconception among many business owners that mystery shopping is simply when a secret shopper comes into your location and grades the performance of your place of business. But, mystery shopping is so much more than that. Today, the iterations of mystery shopping are as diverse as the needs of your business. Mystery shopping can certainly tell you about employee performance and the usability of your location’s layout, product displays, and more. Mystery […]

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