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Indian Railways to Begin Using Mystery Shoppers

Filed under: Customer Service, Mystery Shopping Programs by Erik Deckers

I read recently where Indian Railways are going to begin using mystery shoppers as a way to check on the quality of their services. In a “first-of-its-kind step,” mystery shoppers will pose as regular train passengers in order to check the service standards provided by the national railway. Since train travel is a major source […]

Check Marketing Compliance with Mystery Shopping

Filed under: Brand Loyalty, Brand Protection, Compliance Checks, Mystery Shopping Programs, Restaurant Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

When you think about mystery shopping and compliance, you usually don’t think of marketing compliance. There’s age compliance checks for alcohol and tobacco, and marijuana compliance checks in those states that sell marijuana legally. There can even be compliance safety checks at businesses where safety is a prime concern. But we don’t really talk about […]

Watch Out for Mystery Shopping Scams on Job Boards

Filed under: Mystery Shopping Scams by Kimberly Nasief

A little over an hour from our Measure CP offices, a couple of Loveland, Ohio women were nearly caught in a mystery shopping scam with a new twist. In this case, both women found a “mystery shopping job” on the State of Ohio’s job site, Ohio Means Jobs. Abigail Gimball was offered a $25 per […]

How Do Mystery Shoppers Help Reduce Loss Prevention

Filed under: Mystery Shopping Programs, Retail Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

If your store is suffering from loss and shrinkage — the polite term for shoplifting, employee theft, and even bad inventory management — you can help reduce it with mystery shoppers. We’re not saying mystery shoppers should serve as store security or undercover theft prevention. Rather, they can help you find any holes or lax […]

“Mystery Shopper” Rates Insurers’ Online Presence

Filed under: Mystery Shopping, Mystery Shopping Programs by Erik Deckers

Insurance companies need more than a little help in their online web portals. A mystery shopper, Ellen Carney, who is actually a principal analyst for Forrester Research, found out that trying to buy life insurance online can be more than a little challenging In a story on, Carney — going under the pseudonym “Alice” […]

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Launches Mystery Shopper Program

Filed under: Mystery Shopping Programs by Erik Deckers

Have you ever wanted to be a mystery shopper for a kingdom? I mean, if it could get us into the royal wedding, that would be pretty great. If I could visit the Queen of England, maybe hang out with a couple of Dukes or something, that would be great. Ooh, or hang out with […]

13 Canadian Car Dealers Caught Deceiving the Public Thanks to Secret Shoppers

Filed under: Brand Protection, Compliance Checks, Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

Secret shoppers from Canada’s Automobile Protection Association uncovered some deceptions and fraud at 13 Vancouver, B.C. car dealers earlier this month. According to a story on the APA’s website, they sent shoppers to 16 dealerships, but only three of them earned a Pass rating. The remaining 13 dealers failed for one reason or another. Four […]

TaskRabbit was Hacked, What Can Mystery Shoppers Do to Protect Themselves?

Filed under: Measure CP, Mystery Shopping, Mystery Shopping Scams by Kimberly Nasief

TaskRabbit, the handyman-for-hire app, just announced that their network had been hacked by cybercriminals, putting over 1.25 million Taskers at risk for having their personal and financial data stolen. During the investigation, the app and website will be temporarily be taken down while cybersecurity investigators and law enforcement determine what happened. We wanted to alert […]

Canada’s National Lottery Uses Mystery Shoppers for Age Compliance Checks

Filed under: Brand Protection, Compliance Checks, Mystery Shopping Programs by Kimberly Nasief

When it comes to age compliance checks and retailers, there’s really no better way to check for proper ID checks than to use mystery shopping. And Canada must be doing something right, because a 2017 age compliance checks campaign showed that 91% of their National Lottery retailers properly asked for ID as proof of age […]

Use Mystery Shopping For Competitor Research

Filed under: Brand Loyalty, Brand Protection, Customer Experience Management, Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

When it comes to competitor research, you have a few options. You could send different staff members into your competitors’ businesses — stores, restaurants, multi-family dwellings — or you could lurk on their social media accounts and see what they’re doing. Or you could hire mystery shoppers to do some secret competitor research on your […]

What is the Net Promoter Score?

Filed under: Brand Loyalty, Customer Experience Management, Mobile Feedback by Kimberly Nasief

On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how likely are you to promote us to a friend or colleague? Have you seen this before? Has this question ever popped up when you’ve placed an online order, received a mobile survey from a store, or even had it appear on an […]

Mystery Shopping versus Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Which Do I Need?

Filed under: Customer Experience Management, Mystery Shopping, Mystery Shopping Programs by Kimberly Nasief

CMOs, if you’re trying to decide between mystery shopping and customer satisfaction surveys, there are a few key differences to be aware of. While the two different programs can give you an idea of how your brand and your staff are performing, they each fulfill different functions and show you two different sides of the […]

What Does a Mystery Shopper Do?

Filed under: Measure CP, Mystery Shopping, Mystery Shopping Programs by Kimberly Nasief

Working as a mystery shopper isn’t as complicated as it sounds. In fact, our goal is to make things as easy and uncomplicated as we can. The goal of a mystery shopping agency like ours is to provide our clients with a customer’s-eye-view of how their business operates. Working on the premise that “when the […]

A Secret Shopper of a Different Kind: Water Park Safety Auditor

Filed under: Brand Protection, Compliance Checks, Mystery Shopping Programs by Kimberly Nasief
Village of Niles, Illinois Park District Oasis Water Park - Water park safety auditors are a different kind of secret shopper

My friend, Erik, recently met a woman who worked as an auditor for a water park/community pool safety certification company. He asked her a few questions about it, and turned it into an article for us. I met Michelle (not her real name) at a coffee shop while she was studying to be a physician’s […]

Top Mystery Shopping Tips from the Pros

Filed under: Mystery Shopping, Tips for Mystery Shoppers by Kimberly Nasief

If you’re interested in mystery shopping, or have just started, you’ll start figuring out a few ways to maximize your time and make more money by taking the right kinds of shops and using a little bit of planning. Here are a few mystery shopping tips we’ve learned over the years that we’ve been doing […]

Marketer’s Choice: Customer Satisfaction Surveys vs Mobile Feedback

Filed under: Customer Experience Management, Customer Service, Mobile Feedback by Kimberly Nasief

Thirty years ago, marketers only had two choices when they wanted to understand what their customers liked: complaint cards and mystery shopping. And even then, those selections were so limited and the information gathering techniques were so basic, you couldn’t be sure whether you were getting the most accurate information. Let’s start with the complaint […]

LinkedIn Secret Shopper Scam Making the Rounds

Filed under: Uncategorized by Kimberly Nasief

Watch out LinkedIn users, there’s a secret shopper scam making the rounds over there. We spotted a story on — ‘Secret shopper’ fake job scam hits LinkedIn — that reported a mystery shopper scam based on LinkedIn. It started when Ken Caputo received an email from a relative telling him about an “opportunity” to […]

Understanding and Measuring a Modern Retail Customer Experience

Filed under: Customer Experience Management, Mobile Feedback, Mystery Shopping, Retail Mystery Shopping by Kimberly Nasief

Technology has certainly sped up the way we do things: the retail supply chain has changed as Amazon has worked to perfect fast fulfillment and two-day shipping. It has changed the way retailers and suppliers exchange information and sell products online. And it has even changed the way products are promoted and shared between shoppers. […]

Australia’s ASIC Launches Mystery Shopping Program for Mortgage Brokers

Filed under: Compliance Checks, Mystery Shopping, News by Kimberly Nasief

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has started a mystery shopping program — they call it “shadow shopping” down under — as part of its review of the mortgage broker industry. According to, ASIC is “delving into the suitability of brokers’ advice.” ASIC said this is part of its effort to better understand […]

UK Mystery Shopper Competition Promises £100 to spend in Aldi; Aldi Says They’re NOT Involved

Filed under: Mystery Shopping, Mystery Shopping Scams by Kimberly Nasief

We’ve talked in the past about mystery shopper scams and the way unsuspecting mystery shoppers can be tricked into different ways of parting with their money. We recently heard a story that has us scratching our heads a bit and wondering if this is a scam or not. A mystery shopper competition in the United […]

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