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Try Audio Mystery Shopping with Measure CP

A call center operation is a great application for audio mystery shopping.

Audio mystery shopping is a must-have marketing item, especially for companies with an emphasis on customer service or HR.  In fact, any company that questions the way their employees interact with customers during a phone call or basic transaction can benefit from the audio mystery shopping services provided by Measure CP.

Standard mystery shopping gives visual details of a customer interaction, but sometimes what a client needs is to listen in and hear the details of what’s actually going on.

A call center operation is a great application for audio mystery shopping.Want to go back and review the tone of an employee’s voice? Want to know how customers feel about customer service representatives or HR services? Want to listen to what questions were asked by the mystery shopper to see if etiquette was followed? Want to discover more ways to boost strengths, and lessen weaknesses? Let Measure CP help.

Through Measure CP’s audio mystery shopping services, a client is able to listen to the audio from the interaction between the customer and the mystery shopper.  This can be done to grade a telephone conversation or give the full experience of a physical in-store mystery shop.  Measure CP’s mystery shoppers are fully trained to provide clients with the ability to view the traditional mystery shop within a full reporting suite, offering a variety of reports. With audio mystery shopping, the audio from the phone call or shop can be streamed to the client, and can also be downloaded.  As it is with a traditional shop, the audio remains live in shop form for 30 days.

To perform an audio mystery shop, mystery shoppers are equipped with a digital recorder placed in the area calculated to best capture the conversation in high quality. From here, all interactions during a mystery shop are recorded and the evaluation process can begin.  Audio mystery shopping will give insight to a client, allowing them to view how processes and protocol are proceeding, and whether or not there is something that needs to be adjusted.  Measure CP keeps clients compliant and is able to provide legal compliance paperwork for Two-Party states.

With Measure CP’s audio mystery shopping services a client will better grasp the strengths and weaknesses of its operations, giving them the ability to analyze the steps needed to augment business and grow stronger as a company.

Photo credit: State Farm (Flickr, Creative Commons 2.0)