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Apartment Mystery Shopping

Great customer service creates loyal, repeat customers.  Most customers share their opinions about service, good or bad, with family and friends.  Naturally, companies want loyal customers who are excited about sharing their positive experiences.


I had an experience recently on an apartment shop that is the top of the list of all my shopping experiences.  From my initial contact over the phone, to follow up contact after the shop, it was exciting, professional, and my target made me feel important and special.

During our phone conversation she controlled everything but made me feel as if I was the one in control.  She was informed but not canned, used my name frequently without overusing it, and made me feel as if she truly wanted me to be a part of the “family” at her community.  On site I was greeted at the door with a handshake and a smile.  Immediately after discovering I was her scheduled potential resident, she introduced me to the other staff, invited me to take a chair and offered me cookies and coffee.

The agent also had partially completed the guest card, therefore we could get right to the tour.  While we on the tour we chatted about my family, my hobbies and my needs in a new home.  As she learned things about us she highlighted services in the area that would suit our lifestyle.  Although we were touring a model, she had chosen three locations based on my family’s needs and wants.  The agent skillfully overcame all my objections.  She helped me visualize how my furnishings would fit into the space although we would be downsizing.  Upon returning to the office I was given a map of the complex where the three apartments were highlighted and the details listed to one side.  I was helped to chose the location that would benefit my family most, she circled it and then pointed out convenient parking spaces and the short distance to the laundry facilities.  She also gave me the name and address of a local storage facility where I could place my furnishing that wouldn’t fit in the apartment.  When I was hesitant to sign the lease, she attempted to schedule a repeat tour for my entire family.  As I left the appointment she thanked me for coming, the other staff joined her in inviting me to become part of their “family” and she promised to call me within 24 hours to answer any questions.  As promised, I received a call the next day.  When she learned I was going to continue looking she gave me information about other properties owned by her company.

The entire experience was positive, informative, friendly and professional.  It was as if all the staff had the goal to make me feel special and wanted.  I almost forgot it was just a shop and was ready to make the move.  Great customer service was the key.  In the future, should someone ask for a referral to a community, their name will be the first to come to mind.


Mystery shopper for 10 years

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma