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The Quirky Consumer: Doughnut try this at home (a.k.a. Keep on truckin’)

The Quirky Consumer and her donut adventures.

So, the first weekend of every month…

…there is a Flea Off Market here in town. It is full of arts, crafts, vintage items, some amazing hipster watching, craft cocktails and best of all…FOOD TRUCKS!

The Quirky Consumer has a tremendous weakness for BBQ, almost an addiction. There are so many cuisine choices, but I almost always veer towards a vendor with smoked pork. Few things make me happier than Carolina style pulled pork with coleslaw on it, you really need the cole slaw. Unless the Lobster Roll guy is there, his lobster bisque is so delicious you would trade your toddler for a second bowl. Seriously, I will eat it even if the temperature outside is equivalent to that of the surface of the sun. It is just that amazing. I digress.

Anyway, there are areas with long tables set up, so generally, you just pick an open seat and end up talking to whoever is next to you. I had had a brief culinary bond with a guy in the BBQ line as we perused the menu board out loud, discussing the various possibilities of how we would eat our BBQ. Sandwich? Nachos? Tacos?

I collected my food and found an empty picnic table in the blistering sun and sat down to eat. A few minutes later, the guy I had been talking to in line plopped down with a huge stack of napkins. I was slightly puzzled, but grateful because truth be told, when I am really hungry I eat like a wolverine. Also, I had neglected to get enough napkins so I didn’t really question why he had so many. He just handed me a stack without comment.

The Quirky Consumer and her donut adventures.A couple of minutes later, his adorable girlfriend bounded up to the table holding something amazing in her hands. My eyes were drawn to it like a magnet and I immediately asked what it was. She paused with her fork in midair to explain that it was a pineapple rum glazed doughnut with homemade whipped cream and a black cherry puree. It looked like heaven on a paper plate. I could sense her frustration mounting as she tried to cut through the delectable doughnut with a flimsy plastic fork. Finally, she just picked it up with her hand and shoved it straight into her mouth. Her boyfriend and I looked on in amazement and glee. He had clearly witnessed this before, therefore the stack of napkins. When she pulled the doughnut away, her face was covered in whipped cream. Literally. I mean there was even whipped cream up her nose. She did not care. Her boyfriend tried to dab at her face with a napkin and she pushed his hand away in order to finish her doughnut unperturbed. It was if she was in some sort of dessert rapture and I knew that I had to have one for myself.

Since it was, as mentioned before, approximately five thousand degrees, I decided to get one on the way out and eat it in the air-conditioned comfort of my car. I went up to the Hi-Five Donut truck and explained to the woman who runs it what I had just witnessed and we both kind of celebrated in the awesomeness of such a thing. I told her I wanted the exact same donut and that I planned to eat it in my car with the air conditioning on full blast. She said that was the best idea ever. As I was walking away, she called out to me asking if I had tinted windows in my car. I was puzzled for a minute as to why she would ask such a thing. She said if I did, it was her suggestion that I take my shirt off to eat it. Then we both laughed and laughed. And that, my friends, is exactly what I did.